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Il Giornale del Popolo 30 dicembre 1954

We have likely found the ultimate source for the famous Trussardi case happened on December 29, 1954 (case 5438.). We checked an obscure local newspaper named Il Giornale del Popolo and we found the most detailed source for the case.

The encounter took place about two kilometers off the village of Clusone, next to Rovetta, in the province of Bergamo (not Brescia). The witness, Mr. Pietro Trussardi heard a loud noise, like that produced by a very powerful engine. Then he saw the mysterious object just above the telegraph pole next where he was, about 10-15 meters above the ground. The unusual craft flew quickly from the church at Somma Prada towards the Borlezza valley. At first it looked to fall down to the small village of San Lorenzo, but then it nosed up and flew over the local mountains.

The sighting was short: this was different from the news from other (non local) dailies and from the investigation report happened 20 years later when the witness was very old. Mr. Trussardi reported the presence of two “heads” wearing an unusual helmet, behind a transparent pane on the visible side of the object.

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