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┬áThe daily “La patria” dated November 24, 1954 reported a given Mr. Giorgio Nissin had been claiming to have been on Mars by one of those “saucers” or “cigars” frequently seen in the region Toscana during the past weeks.

The man, living in Pisa, claimed to have seen the high level of civilization reached by the men from Mars, who were scheduling a landing on Earth in the near future. Their goal was to oblige the Earthlings to become more reasonable. Mr. Minin was even reported of lighting a bonfire in the garden behind his house in order to show the right path to the Martians coming to Earth. The man was sent to an asylum.

A similar even took place in a nearby town, Leghorn (Livorno), in early October 1954. The man was named Bruno Senesi, who was later sued. A few other similar episodes were reported even during the 1897 airship wave in the US and in Australia in 1929.

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