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The Tradate hoax (page 90-93) produced a lot of coverage on the Italian press and soon became a classic in UFO literature. Unfortunately, it was considered a genuine landing and even doubled in a second case, placed ten days later in Monza.

What remained of the paper-covered frame used by the pranksters.

I recently came across a new clipping from the newspaper “La Patria” dated October 30, 1954 showing (on the first page of the daily) a picture of the crude frame assembled by the pranksters making using of wood, paper, lamps and other materials. This is a previously unkwnon picture.

The hoax didn’t took place inside the local small staidum, but on a field. The owner of the field was the same man friend of Mr. Facchini, the witness of the famous 1950 UFO encounter in Abbiate Guazzone. Abbiate Guazzone is a suburb of Tradate. Such a man was one of the very first persons to learn about that event and he was possibly the one who told the story to the journalists.¬†

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